Micron 2500 NVMe™ SSD

The Micron 2500 SSD provides best-in-class everyday computing storage performance, a user experience that beats competitive TLC- and QLC-based SSDs and is the world’s first client SSD using 200+ layer QLC NAND.1,2,3

Best-in-class user experience and value for everyday computing¹

The Micron 2500 SSD helps enhance user productivity, delivers a best-in-class user experience and scores higher in PCMark® 10 benchmark testing than competitive drives so that you get the most from your daily computing experience.1 The world’s first 232-layer QLC NAND in a client SSD provides the highest density and layer count in the industry, is the densest OEM-production NAND and is available only from Micron.2,3

Get more from your applications with class leading PCIe® Gen4 performance that beats the competition.2 The Micron 2500 SSD offers a balance of storage performance and value for everyday computing needs.

Three Micron 2500 NVMe SSDs in 22x30, 22x42 and 22x80mm form factors


Best-in-class user experience for everyday computing¹

Increase productivity with the best user experience for everyday computing. The Micron 2500 outscores QLC- and TLC-based NAND SSD competitors in PCMark 10 user experience benchmark results, with up to 46% faster access times and up to 45% better overall scores than competitive drives.1

QLC value. TLC performance. Micron innovation.

As the world’s first QLC SSD nearing PCIe Gen4 theoretical saturation performance at up to 7.1 GB/s sequential read, the Micron 2500 SSD provides responsive storage and superior value with better performance than TLC- and QLC-based NAND SSD competitors.1,2  

The world’s first client SSD with 200+ layer QLC NAND¹⋅³

Micron is the first to ship the highest density and highest layer count QLC NAND SSDs to PC manufacturers – for the second time in a row! With industry-leading 2400 MT/s, Micron’s 232-layer QLC NAND enables best-in-class3 performance in the Micron 2500 SSD.

Resources & documentation

Micron 2500 NVMe SSD product brief

Read this product brief for detailed information about the Micron 2500 SSD, with highlights of its key features, technical specifications, form factors, capacity options and performance metrics — including a comparison to TLC- and QLC-based NAND SSD competitors.

Micron SSD security features brief

This document is intended to be a quick reference for SSD security terms and is not an extensive analysis of security techniques, algorithms or implementations. Some specific features noted in this document may be unique to Micron while others may be based on public standards.

Micron SSDs: A secure foundation for your data

This technical brief provides a list of the security features supported by Micron SSDs, including the Micron 2500 NVMe SSD. This list of security features helps align security requirements to the broad array of security features supported by Micron SSDs.

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1. User experience scores are based on PCMark 10 testing in Micron’s labs. Performance comparisons are based on publicly available data sheet information available at product launch vs. SSD competitors per footnote 2.

2. Competitors are defined as SK Hynix, Solidigm, Kioxia, WD and Samsung.

3. NAND comparisons are based on publicly available information and Micron engineering data available at product launch for currently in production NAND per footnote 2.

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