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Micron 4150AT SSD

The Micron 4150AT SSD is the first automotive SSD supporting quad port and SR-IOV functions with FuSa compliance.

World’s first automotive-grade, quad-port, SR-IOV SSD for central architectures

The Micron 4150AT automotive SSD is built with 176L TLC NAND for enterprise-grade performance with longevity, reliability, quality, ruggedness and application-specific features. Automotive qualified, ASIL-B and ASPICE level 3.

Micron 4150AT SSD front and back


The world’s first automotive SSD enabling quad-port support

The Micron 4150AT SSD allows any centralized storage system to directly connect up to 4 systems on chips to a single SSD without the need for a multi-root aware (MRA) switch. Simplify system design and reduce storage requirements to a single SSD. 

Flexibility to support evolving system architectures

Micron 4150AT allows the customer to configure the SSD to their system requirements.

1. Configure the number of ports used, up to 4

2. Configure physical capacity management (TLC, SLC, and HE-SLC mode)

3. Configure namespace sizes and access (private or public)

Supporting storage advancements in functional safety (FuSa)

The 4150AT will be the first SSD to meet ASIL-B and ASPICE Level 3 compliance requirements.


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The 4150AT is the world’s first quad-port SSD featuring an automotive grade design, NVMe 2.0 protocol interface, and Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV). It provides market leading flexibility with single, dual, triple, or quad-port configurations.

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Committed for over 30-years to the automotive market and road-tested solutions that have logged trillions of miles. Micron delivers the automotive-qualified memory and storage you need.

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Extending our proven client SSD portfolio into the automotive and industrial domains, our solutions boost the performance and reliability of leading-edge automotive electronics systems and industrial-grade applications with Micron 4150AT and 2100AI/AT SSDs.

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