How do I add a fleet?

1. On the main page in your personal dashboard, go to the "Fleet & Subscriptions" tab.

2. Specify the region in which you provide lifting services and save it. For each piece of equipment you will need to specify the region.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk*.

3. Select the type of crane, e.g. Truck crane.

4. Specify the load capacity category, e.g. 100-200 tons.

5. Specify the load capacity, e.g.: 160 tn.

6. Specify the crane manufacturer, e.g. Liebherr.

7. Specify the crane model, e.g. LTM 1160-5.1

8. Specify the year of manufacture, e.g. 2015.

Also, to add a fleet and a subscription, you need to prepare the documents listed on the site.

As soon as the documents have passed legal verification the cranes will be uploaded to the site and the Mycrane application service will be made available to you.

We hope you have a productive experience with the Mycrane service!