How can I publish my request on MYCRANE?

  1. On the main page in your personal dashboard, click "Order services" tab.
    Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk*.
  2. Specify the name of the site/facility where services will be provided. For example: Construction of a tunnel under the Moscow Ring Road (West)
  3. Specify the owner of the site/facility where the services will be provided. For example: "SMU-7.1.1" Ltd.
  4. Specify the region. For example: Houston
  5. Specify the nearest populated area. For example: Houston
  6. Specify the deadline for submission of the technical and commercial tender
  7. Specify the number of cranes required. For example: 2
    1. Specify the type of crane. For example: Truck crane with telescopic boom
    2. Specify the capacity category. For example: from 100 - 200 tn
    3. Specify the load capacity. For example: 160 tn
    4. Specify the crane configuration. For example: Maximum
    5. Specify the start date. For example: 15.07.21
    6. Indicate the end date. For example: 14.08.21
  8. Specify the operating mode
    1. Specify the number of days of service per week. For example: 5
    2. Specify the number of service delivery shifts per day. For example: 1
    3. Specify the number of hours of service per shift. For example: 10
  9. Specify the distribution of responsibilities between the parties
  10. Please provide additional information and attach documents if necessary
  11. Provide any technical information and attach documents if necessary
  12. Publish the Request

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation! The MYCRANE team!