How do I respond to a Request or submit a commercial proposal on MYCRANE?

  1. On the main page in your personal dashboard, click on the "Notifications" tab. Next, click on the link to the new request.
    Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk*.
  2. Read the project description, mode of operation, additional information, technical information.
  3. Specify the cost of mobilizing/demobilizing the crane. For example: 12 000 dollars.
  4. Specify the cost of assembling/disassembling the crane. For example: 5 000 dollars.
  5. Specify the cost of providing services per hour. For example: 500 dollars. The total cost of rendering services (according to the terms and methods of rendering services specified in the Request) shall be considered automatically.
  6. If necessary, specify the Cost of the crane operator/machine operator services / per hour. For example: 50 dollars.
  7. If necessary, specify any supplemental costs for the crane. For example: 9 000 dollars.
  8. If necessary, specify the cost of the methods statements for crane operation. For example: 5 000 dollars.
  9. The total cost of the proposal is calculated automatically according to the information you have filled in.
  10. If necessary, enter comments to the request.
  11. Submit a proposal.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to working together! The MYCRANE team!